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Welcome to our journey!

Welcome! Hope you join us in this wonderful journey, being grateful in all the seasons of our lives.

Welcome to our blog, Gratefulseasons!  We are a mother and daughter team, and we are dedicating this blog to journal and document our journey about how we took control and direction of our lives back.

We started with a simple goal – we wanted to improve our health and maybe eat a little better.  We soon discovered that one plan of action was not going to get our entire family moving in towards the desired goal.  The struggle was real.

Brief Timeline:

  1. We considered our diet to be standard, with a few stops for fast food…weekly.
  2. Starting subbing out some foods for healthier and even organic.
  3. Career took me further away from home and my kitchen.
  4. Husband could not sleep, had no energy and possible diabetic diagnosis.
  5. We kind of hit rock bottom when no one was feeling energized.
  6. Went through a career transition close to home.
  7. Signed family up for a YMCA Family Membership.
  8. Starting searching online to find recipes with interesting ingredients that were not locally available.
  9.  Today and beyond we are learning new ways to meal plan and shop!

We hope you find our blog entertaining and useful.  Please email us, comment and share with your friends.  We would love to connect and hear from you!


Alana & Raina
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