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The Big “Why?” Started After a Family Meeting!

Family is everything!

I want them to be happy, fulfilled, thriving and healthy.  Life goes by pretty fast even while you are making plans. Fact is those plans might not go as planned.  There is no guarantees in life. Our family believes if we stick together we can get through anything. I love to cook, so coming up with flavorful meals was never a problem.  

I used several systems to create, rotate and plan for meals:

Calendar- when we were first married and cookbooks to select the recipes I was going to make.

Themes- to challenge myself would pick themes and dig into my recipe books and box to make my menu selections.

Ate at the Inlaws- spaghetti, salad and garlic bread was always a Sunday NIght favorite.

Attended a potluck, social event or neighborhood parties and cookouts.

My enjoyment of recipes and collecting them has been a lifelong passion of mine.  I would in turn make a grocery list and organize it by department and go shopping.  It worked for a long time, but we soon learned if you took me out of the equation the whole system stopped.  I have to admit I was not expecting life to speed up like it did.

My career grew with me and per usual I thrived with a challenge.  However more responsibility meant that I got home later and sometimes worked further away from home.  Dinner time started becoming a whirlwind and trying to keep bedtime on schedule was exhausting. It is not that I could not do it but we started cutting corners and we did not even know it.  Dinners became more instant and the cookbooks started to collect dust. It was not until about six years ago that.  

So I took an inventory of my family.

It was kind of a depressing survey.  And at this time my job was about an hour away from home, and it was not making me happy either.  I was the first one in the office and the last to leave. It was clear that something had to change.  I had to take a step back and told the kids we are going to start eating healthier and that means no more sugar snacks and processed food.

Needless to say, this announcement did not get the reception I was expecting.  The kids were a little hesitant and my husband said it was impossible to achieve.  This blog is about our grateful journey to health. We hope it inspires you, too. I assure you life may not offer any guarantees but if you are willing to learn some new things and keep trying to move forward on your goals, I promise the journey is so worth it.  


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