Welcome to our journey!

Welcome! Hope you join us in this wonderful journey, being grateful in all the seasons of our lives. Welcome to our blog, Gratefulseasons!  We are a mother and daughter team, and we are dedicating this blog to journal and document our journey about how we took control and direction of our lives back. We started... Continue Reading →

Sugar Meltdown

At first, it took a while to get everyone on board.  I thought a yogurt drink or yogurt with granola was healthy for them. It was dairy right? I was buying them healthy Quaker oat bars, this was a brand I grew up trusting.  And oatmeal was healthy for you, too. I stopped baking homemade... Continue Reading →

Fulfilled Lives

Hello, Thanks for checking out our blog.  Our family lives in Ohio.  We work hard, and play hard.  However, over the last few years we were struggling to live what we call a fulfilled life.  We were tired, the whole family was tired and it was time to re-prioritize. We hope that you will find... Continue Reading →

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